(Paper) Software Engineering For B.Tech (Set -2)

Paper : Software Engineering For B.Tech (Set -2)

Max Time 3 Hours
Max Marks 60

Instruction to Candidates:
1) Section - A is compulsory.
2).Attempt any Four questions from Section - B.
3) Attempt any Two questions from Section - C.

Section - A

(10 * 2=20)
a) What is software quality Assurance?
b) Does every software project need Testers?
c) What is an inspection?
d) What is software quality?
e) What is test plan?
f) What is cost benifit analysis?
g) What is Logical data?
h) What is software metrics?
i) Explain Data function?
j) What is test case?

Section - B
(5 *4=20)

Q2) What are 5 common solutions of software development problems?
Q3) Explain software life cycle?
Q4) Explain verification and validation?
Q5) What is UGL Environment? Explain briefly?
Q6) What is software management? Explain?

Section - C
(10 * 2=20)

Q7) Explain Different cost Estimation Technologies?
Q8) Explain software quality management?
Q9) Explain software Development methods?