(Paper) DCE (Delhi College of Engineering) Entrance Examination Sample Paper (Chemistry)

PAPER : DCE (Delhi College of Engineering) Entrance Examination Sample Paper (Chemistry)

The question paper contains 180 questions. Four choices are given for a question out of which one choice may be correct. Each question carries 4 marks. The total marks of the Entrance Test are 720 (240 for each subject, i.e., Physics, Chemistry, Maths). You will get 4 marks for each correct response. For each incorrect response, one mark will be deducted from the total score. As such for each incorrect response, you will lose 5 marks (4 for wrong response and one mark as penalty).

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62. Which is the most abundant metal in the earth's crust?

A. Fe

B. Al

C. Ca

D. Na

63. Which one does not give a precipitate with excess of NaOH?

A. ZnSO4

B. FeSO4

C. AgNO3

D. HgCl2

64. What volume of CO2 will be liberated at NTP of 12 gm of carbon is burnt in excess of oxygen?

A. 11.2 litres

B. 22.4 litres

C. 2.24 litres

D. 1.12 litres

65. Which base is found only in nucleotides of RNA?

A. Adenine

B. Uracil

C. Guanine

D. Cytosine

66. Ascorbic acid is the chemical name of

A. Vitamin B6

B. Vitamin A

C. Vitamin C

D. Vitamin D


67. A hydrocarbon has carbon and hydrogen. Its molecular weight is 28. Its possible formula would be

A. C3H6

B. C2H4

C. CH4

D. C4H8

68. The first Noble Prize in chemistry was given to

A. Faraday

B. Cnrizzaro

C. Mendeleevs

D. Moseley

69. Four different colloids have the following gold number. Which one has its most effective action?

A. 10

B. 30

C. 20

D. 40

70. Which is an example of thermosetting polymer?

A. Polythene


C. Neoprene

D. Bakelite

71. The number of unpaired electrons in ferrous ion is

A. 3

B. 2

C. 4

D. 5

72. Strongest reducing agent is

A. K

B. Mg

C. Al

D. Ba

73. Which of the following is man-made element?

A. Ra

B. U

C. Np

D. C – 4


74. Which of the following statements is/are correct?

A. Boiling point of alkylhalide is greater than its corresponding alkane

B. In water, solubility of CH3OH > C2H5OH > C6H5OH

C. Aniline is a weaker base than NH3

D. All of the above

75. Which amine of the following will not answer Carbylamine reaction?

A. Ethylamine

B. Methylamine

C. Dimethylamine

D. Phenylamine

76. Tollen's reagent can be used to detect

A. (CH3)2 – CHOH

B. CH3 – CO.CH3



77. Glycerol on heating with Potassium bisulphate yields

A. Acetone

B. Glyceraldehyde

C. Acrolein

D. Propanol

78. Salicylic acid on heating with sodalime gives

A. Benzene

B. Calcium salicylate

C. Benzoic acid

D. Phenol

79. Which one of the following will not give iodoform test?

A. Ethanol

B. Ethanal

C. 2-propanone

D. None of these

80. The rusting of iron is catalysed by

A. Fe

B. O2

C. Zn

D. H+

81. 100 ml of a liquid A was mixed with 25 ml of a liquid B to give non-ideal solution of A-B mixture. The volume of this mixture will be

A. 75 ml

B. 125 ml exact

C. fluctuating between 75 ml and 125 ml

D. close to 125 ml but not to exceed 125 ml

82. IUPAC name of a compound having the formula (CH3)3 C - CH = CH2 is

A. 3, 3 - dimethyl - l - butene

B. 1, 1 - dimethyl - 3 - butene

C. 1,1, 1 - dimethyl - 2 - propene

D. 3, 3, 3 - dimethyl - 1 - l propene

83. Which of the following compounds will be optically active?

A. (OH3)2 – CHOH

B. CH3 - CH2 - CH2 - CH3


D. (CH3)3.C.Cl

84. The major components of brass are

A. Zn and Sn

B. Cu and Zn

C. Fe and Ni

D. Zn and Fe

85. Lunar castic is

A. Silver Chloride

B. Silver Nitrate

C. Sodium Hydroxide

D. Potassium Nitrate


86. When hot iron is exposed in hot water vapour, the compound formed is

A. FeO

B. Fe2O4

C. Fe3O4

D. Fe2 (OH)2

87. Which of the following halide is not oxidised by MnO2?

A. F

B. Cl -

C. Br -

D. I -

88. The outermost electronic configuration of the most electronegative element is

A. ns2np3

B. ns2np4

C. ns2np5

D. ns2np6

89. Shape of CO2 is

A. tetrahedral

B. trigonal

C. bent

D. linear

90. The catalyst used in the manufacture of H2SO4 by contact process is

A. Al2O3

B. Cr2O3

C. V2O5

D. MnO2

91. The composition of the common glass is

A. Na2O.CaO.6SiO2

B. Na2O.Al2O3.2SiO2

C. CaO.Al2O3.2SiO2

D. Na2O.CaO.Al2O3.6SiO2

92. In a borax lead test, the brown colour is due to

A. Chromium


C. Manganese

D. Iron


93. Which of the following is not a fertiliser?

A. Urea

B. Superphosphate of lime

C. Benzene Hexachloride

D. Potassium

94. Which one of the following belongs to representative group of elements in the Periodic Table?

A. Lanthanum

B. Argon

C. Chromium

D. Aluminium

95. Which one of the following is not an isotope of Hydrogen?

A. Tritium

B. Deuterium

C. Ortho-hydrogen

D. None of the above

96. In the reaction I2 + 2S2O32 - = 2I - + S4O62 -, equivalent weight of iodine will be equal to

A. its molecular weight

B. 1/2 of its molecular weight

C. 1/4 the molecular weight

D. twice the molecular weight

97. Which of the following is the most powerful oxidising agent?

A. F2

B. Cl2

C. Br2

D. I2

98. From the following values of dissociating constants of four acids, which value represents the strongest acid?

A. 2 x 10 -2

B. 0.02 x 10 -1

C. 3 x 10 -3

D. 2.0 x 104


99. In which of the following cases, does the reaction go the farthest for completion?

A. K = 103

B. K = 10 -2

C. K = 10

D. K = 1

100. The reaction which proceeds in the forward direction is

A. Fe2O3 + 6HCl ® 2FeCl3 + 3H2O

B. NH3 + H2O + NaCl ® NH4Cl + NaOH

C. SnCl4 + Hg2Cl2 ® SnCl2+ 2HgCl2

D. 2CuI + I2 + 4K+ ® 2Cu2+ + 4KI

101. The substance capable of being drawn into fine wire is called

A. malleable

B. tensile

C. ductile

D. mild

102. The idea that most of the mass of an atom is concentrated in a very small core, i.e., nucleus is given by

A. Amedo Avogadro

B. Rutherford

C. Bohr

D. Henery Mosley

103. Which of the following does contain a co-ordinate covalent bond?

A. N2H5+

B. BaCl2

C. HCl

D. H2O

104. Which of the following contains both covalent and ionic bonds?

A. CCl4

B. CaCl2

C. NH4Cl

D. H2O

105. Keeping in view the periodic law and the periodic table, suggest which of the following elements should have the maximum electronegative character?

A. Oxygen

B. Nitrogen

C. Fluorine

D. Astatine

106. The electronic configuration of element atomic number 37 is

A. (2, 8) 3s23p63d104s24p65s1

B. (2, 8) 3s23p63d104s25s64p5

C. (2, 8) 3s23p64s23d95s14p5

D. none of these

107. The pH of 0.1 M solution of a weak acid is 3. What is the value of ionisation constant for the acid?

A. 0.1

B. 10 -3

C. 10 -5

D. 10 -7

108. Pure Aniline is a

A. brown coloured liquid

B. colourless liquid

C. brown coloured solid

D. colourless solid

109. Sulphide ores are generally concentrated by

A. roasting

B. froth floatation

C. reducing by carbon

D. tempering

110. One mole of CO2 contains

A. 6.02 x 1023 atoms of C

B. 6.02 x 1023 atoms of O

C. 18.1 x 1023 molecules of CO2

D. 3 gm atom of CO2


111. The Avogadro Number or a mole represents

A. 6.02 x 1023 ions

B. 6.02 x 1023 atoms

C. 6.02 x 1023 molecules

D. 6.02 x 1023 entities

112. What is the weight of one molecule of a monoatomic element X whose atomic weight is 36?

A. 6.0 x 10 -23 gm

B. 6.02 x 1023 gm

C. 36 x 1023 gm

D. 36 x 10 -23 gm

113. When a -particles are set through a thin metal foil, most of them go straight through the foil because

A. a -particles are much heavier than electrons

B. a -particles are positively charged

C. a -particles move with high velocity

D. a -particles move with low velocity

114. The reaction, which proceeds in the forward direction, is

A. Fe2O3 + 6HCl ® 2FeCl3 + 3H2O

B. NH3 + H2O + NaCl ® NH4Cl + NaOH

C. SnCl4 + Hg2Cl2 ® SnCl2 + 2HgCl2

D. 2CuI + I2+ 4K ® 2Cu+ + 4KI

115. The first order constant for the decomposition of N2O5 is 6.2 x 10 -4 sec –1. The half-life period for this decomposition in second is

A. 1117.7

B. 111.7

C. 223.4

D. 160.9


116. When the same amount of zinc is treated separately with excess of H2SO4 and excess of NaOH, the ratio of volumes of H2 evolved is

A. 1 : 1

B. 1 : 2

C. 2 : 1

D. 9 : 4

117. Calcium does not combine directly with

A. oxygen

B. nitrogen

C. hydrogen

D. carbon

118. Carbon differs from other elements of its sub-group due to

A. availability of d-orbitals for bonding

B. its limitation to a co-ordination number four

C. its tendency to catenate

D. its unique ability to form multiple bonds

119. Iodine reacts with cold dil. NaOH to give

A. NaI + H2O + O2

B. NaI + NaIO + O2

C. NaI + NaIO + H2O

D. NaI + NaIO3 + H2O

120. The number of isomers for the atomic compound of the formula C7H8O is

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5


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