IIT Roorkee : Arth 2009 Business Competition


Arth is ‘meaning’. The essence of existence, the cause and the purpose of life. The Sanskrit word denotes one of the four goals of life and involves achieving widespread fame, garnering wealth and an elevated social standing. It is that which gives meaning to our lives; that which gives the world meaning. In this highly competitive world, where everything is a rat-race, the need is for those who can make a change. For those who will give the people ‘Arth’ (or purpose); who will, in the process, etch themselves into the world’s memory forever. 

The ever-changing world of today presents us with an assortment of changing opportunities. Entrepreneurship has become the buzzword and the entrepreneur has taken of the reins. He continues setting forth to discover the new avenues opened to him by the gods of wealth.The entrepreneurship development cell, IIT Roorkee endeavours to spread this spirit of entrepreneurship and being together the best and most innovative brains who share our panorama of the future for the ultimate B-Plan contest. If you have the courage to risk, mind to think and will to start up, prove your mettle for the great lands of Pluto’s Treasure, opportunities and challenges galore; come, enter Arth.

To participate, mail the executive summary of your BPlan to bplan.iitr@gmail.com before 20th March 2009.
Download a sample Executive Summary for reference.

Arth finals are now a part of E-Summit 2009.


1. The travel incentive is-

a) return fare to top 10 from their college/place of residence till roorkee in Sleeper Class train tickets. Reimbursements will be made for maximum of two team members.

b) return fare to rest 20 from their college/place of residence till roorkee in Sleeper class train tickets. Reimbursements will be made for only one team member.

2. Cash Prizes may be given subject to judges' discretion. Winners can claim prize money within 2 years of the completion of the event.

For any queries regarding Arth 2009, contact :
Puneet Singh Jaggi, Co-ordinator : +91 9358840490

Dates to remember: Last date for submission of Bplan: 03/20/09