(Fellowship) Raman Research Institute Admission For Post-Doctoral Fellowships Bangalore,2011

Raman Research Institute Admission For Post-Doctoral Fellowships Bangalore ,2011

Applications for Post-Doctoral Fellowships are always welcome and there are no closing dates. Our offers are usually made in mid-February and mid-August. The processing time for a post-doctoral application is between four to six months. The candidate may be invited to visit the Institute and give a seminar and interact with the research faculty at the Institute, as part of the selection process.

Areas of current research at the Raman Research Institute are:

Astronomy And Astrophysics:

  • Cosmology and Galaxy Formation
  • Normal and Active Galaxies
  • Clusters of Galaxies
  • The Galaxy & the Interstellar Medium
  • The Intergalactic Medium
  • Neutron Stars and Pulsars
  • Polarization and Geometric Phases Chemistry
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Liquid Crystals
  • Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces

Light And Matter Physics:

  • Bose Einstein Condensation
  • Laser Cooling & Trapping of Atoms
  • Ultra-cold Molecules
  • Propagation of Light in Random Media
  • Quantum Optics and Quantum logic
  • Nonlinear Optics of Nonmaterials
  • Ultrafast Phenomena
  • Intense Laser Field Interactions

Signal Processing, Imaging And Instrumentation:

  • Radio and X-ray Astronomy
  • Liquid Crystal Displays

Soft Condensed Matter:

  • Liquid Crystals
  • Amphiphilic Systems
  • Colloids
  • Polymer Physics
  • Surface Science
  • Experimental Biological Physics

Theoretical Physics:

  • Condensed Matter & Statistical Physics
  • Classical & Quantum Gravity
  • Gravitational Waves
  • Physics in Biology
  • Differential Geometry in Physics

General Instructions:

Interested candidates should submit their

  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • List of Publications.
  • A resume detailing their previous research and other academic activities.
  • A statement outlining their anticipated research activities while at the Raman Institute.


The Director
Raman Research Institute
C V Raman Avenue
Sadashiva Nagar
Bangalore 560 080. India.

Phone: 2361 0122
Email: director(at)rri.res.in

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