(Syllabus) : Jammu Kashmir BPEE Common Entrance Test 2008 Chemistry Syllabus (Page - 1)

Syllabus : Jammu Kashmir BPEE Common Entrance Test 2008 Syllabus (BPEE CET 2008)


Unit I: Chemical Arthematic, Atomic structure and Nuclear Chemistry.

A. Laws of chemical combination, mole concept (numericals) calculations using chemical equations. Equivalent weight of oxidizing and reducing agents.

B. Atomic structure, Bohr’s model of Hydrogen atom, Quantum numbers, Pauli’s exclusion principle, Hund’s rule and Aufbau principle. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, de-Broglie wave equation and its significance.


C. Nuclear chemistry:Properities of alpha, beta and gama radiations, Group displacement law, half-life period and average life period. Different types of nuclear reactions using alpha particles, neutrons, protons and deutrons as projectiles, carbon- 14 dating. Calculation of numbers of alpha and beta particles. 07 Marks