(Syllabus) : Jammu Kashmir BPEE Common Entrance Test 2008 Chemistry Syllabus (Page - 2)

Syllabus : Jammu Kashmir BPEE Common Entrance Test 2008 Chemistry Page - 2 

Common Entrance Test (CET 2008) Chemistry Syllabus

Unit XI: Chemistry of Representative Elements.
(S and P Block Elements)


Electronic configuration, oxidation states and trends invarious properties like ionization energy, electron affinity, atomic radii, electronegativity and diagonal relationship of s and p block elements.


a. Alkali metals: Hydration of ions, action with ammonia, flame colouration, solubility of hydroxides, carbonates and sulphates.

b. Alkaline Earth Metals: Solubility of carbonates, hydroxides and sulphates.

c. Boron Family: Structure of halides, relative acid strength of trihalides of boron.

d. Carbon family. Hydrides and oxides.

e. Nitrogen family. Oxides of nitrogen and phosphorous, Reducing nature, basic strength and boiling points of their halides.

f. Oxygen family. Volatility, thermal stability, and acid character, reducing character and bond angles of their hydrides, oxyacids of sulphur.

g. Halogen family. Bond energy, colour and oxidizing power, boiling point, acid strength and diple moment, thermal stability, reducing power of hydracids, relative acidity and oxidizing power of oxyacids of halogens. 04 Marks