(Books) Books Required For IIT JEE Preparation

Books Required For IIT JEE Preparation..

     Most important books required for JEE is your board books, because if you are not conversant with  the theory you stand no chance. After practicing the problems from your board books, move on to  the next level. For some book the names of the authors are mentioned.

  Standard IIT JEE book(IIT Physics, IIT Chemistry , IIT Mathematics)
(Contains questions similar to JEE standards. Do all the problems)

  Physics: Concepts of Physics (Part 1 and 2)
  Chemistry : P. Bahadur(Physical Chemistry) , R.K.Gupta(Organic and Inorganic)
  Mathematics : IIT Plus Mathematics - A.Dasgupta.

  Advanced IIT JEE book
(Questions are a bit higher than JEE standards - do selected problems. Take help of your    mentor/teacher)

  Physics: Problems in General Physics - I.E.Irodov.
  Chemistry : IIT Chemistry - Tata McGraw Hill.
  Mathematics: Complete Course IIT Mathematics - Tata McGraw Hill.

  For theory you can go through Resnick-Halliday in Physics, Morrison-Boyd in Organic Chemistry,   and O.P.Tandon in Inorganic Chemistry.