(Tips) Engineering Mission Plan for 12th Pass Students

Tips : Engineering Mission Plan for 12th Pass Students

We know you tried hard last year. But you know you need to try harder this year. Here's a plan just for students like you.

Engineering Mission Plan
May - June Mathematical Concepts in Physics, Basic MechanicsStoichiometry, Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding, Periodic TableAlgebra: Number Theory, Quadratic Equations, Progressions
July - August Complete Mechanics, WavesPhysical Chemistry: Equilibrium, Heat, Chemical Kinetics, Thermochemistry, ElectrolysisAlgebra: Induction, Complex Numbers, Trigonometry
September - October Heat, Fluid Mechanics, GravitationInorganic Chemistry: Properties and Metallurgy of Metals and Non-Metals, Gas LawsAnalytic Geometry, Permutations and Combinations, Binomial Theorem
November - December Electrostatics and ElectricityElectrochemistry, Solutions, Solids, Qualitative Analysis, Transition MetalsCalculus: Differentiation and Integration
January - February Magnetism, Optics, Modern PhysicsOrganic ChemistryDifferential Equations, Probability, Vectors
March - April Revision


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