(Download) IIT : Report of Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) - 2011

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Report of Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) - 2011


The last few years have seen an enormous increase in the number of candidates, with the number of registered candidates crossing six lakhs in GATE 2011. Organising an examination of this magnitude would not have been possible without the help and support of a large number of individuals in all IITs and IISc and all the examination centres spread across the country. On behalf of the organising team, I gratefully acknowledge the contribution of all these individuals, who in their own way contributed to the successful organization and conduct of GATE 2011.

The organising team is thankful to Prof. M.S. Ananth, Director, IIT Madras and Chairman, NCB, 2011 for agreeing to meet us whenever necessary and providing valuable guidance and support. We would also like to thank Prof. V. G. Idichandy, Deputy Director, IIT Madras and Prof. K. Ramamurthy, Dean, Academic Courses, IIT Madras for several valuable suggestions.
Several important decisions had to be taken in the GATE committee. All the members provided valuable suggestions which made the job easier for the organising team. I would like to thank all our colleagues in the GATE 2011 committee for their co-operation, support and camaraderie, which made the meetings lively and enjoyable. Special thanks are due to the GATE teams of IISc Bangalore, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi and IIT Guwahati for their warm hospitality during GATE meetings.

We would like to acknowledge the support of M/s Laser Soft Infosystems Ltd. and M/s Eduquity Career Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for the online registration process and in conducting the online examination respectively.

We also acknowledge the efforts of the staff of all zonal offices who spent long hours to ensure that each operation was conducted meticulously. We would specially like to thank Mr. S. K. Ramesh, IIT Madras for the software support.

Finally, I have no words to thank my colleagues Prof. K. Sethupathi and Prof. C. Chandra Sekhar, Organising Vice Chairmen. They willfully took most of the burden, making my job very simple. The fact that we worked more as friends than colleagues made the whole effort very enjoyable.

Courtesy: IIT