(Paper) Engineering Questions : COMPUTER SCIENCE ENGINEERING (Paper- 2)


 [Paper - 2]

  •  What are cache memories What is RISC

  •  Explain Dynamic RAM.

  •  How does the booting process take place

  •  Write a FORTRAN program for evaluating n! (factorial of n).

  •  What is process planning How are computer used in manufacturing

  •  Give me a brief description of the internal organisation of a computer.

  •  Describe a computer to an illiterate villager.

  •  Write a simple routine for finding the factorial of a number.

  •  What is parallel processing How is it applied in industries

  •  How would you represent a polynomial in a computer

  •  What is a parity bit

  •  Which method is used if there is an even number of errors in bits transmission

  •  How is pipe lining different from other parallel processing mechanisms.

  •  What are the data networks available in India

  •  What do you know about Ethernet

  •  How do you construct a compiler is good or not

  •  What are hackers How do they manage to get access to other peoples’ data

  •  Do you want to do Systems Management Why How

  •  What is the basic difference between LISP and PROLOG

  •  What is hypercube interconnection network

  •  Name 5 companies engaged in software development in India. Tell me some of their products.

  •  What is a recursion What is a record Why do you think Wordstar is better than Softword

  •  What is the difference between a computer and a calculator

  •  What is the difference between a CD and a magnetic tape

  •  Explain clearly the ERP concept.

  •  Name 5 major Indian companies using ERP, in India.

  •  Explain "hyperlinks".

  •  What is a website How is it useful

  •  Are e–mails hacker–proof

  •  Explain the concept of e–commerce.

  •  Name 5 major ERP companies of the world.

  •  Tell us "How would you execute a web–design project"

  •  What is a server

  •  What are nodes What are optical fibres

  •  Explain the ISP concept.

  •  How strong is the internet potential in India

  •  Would you explain to us the mechanism of web search engines

  •  Name 5 search engines.

  •  Explain the difference between Explorer and Netscape.


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