(Download) Download JMET 2008 Question Paper


1. Take out the Answer Sheet from this Test Booklet without breaking the seal. If you find that the Question Paper Code does not match with the Paper Code on the Answer Sheet, exchange the booklet immediately with a new sealed Test Booklet.

2. Do not open the seal of the test Booklet until you are asked to do so by the Invigilator.

3. Carefully read and follow all the instructions given in the Answer Sheet.

4. The question paper contains four sections and 120 questions. Four possible answers (A, B, C and D) are given and there is only one correct answer for each question. Choose the correct answer and darken the appropriate bubble in the Answer Sheet with HB pencil. In case you wish to change an answer, erase the old answer completely using a good soft eraser.

5. Each correct answer carries one mark and each wrong answer carries negative 0.25 marks.

6. For a candidate to qualify, he/she should not only secure certain minimum marks in the test paper, but also necessarily obtain certain minimum marks in each of the four sections.

7. Tampering with the Bar Code or making any distinctive mark on the Answer Sheet will lead to disqualification of the candidate.

8. All the rough work should be done only on blank pages provided for this purpose at the end of this Test Booklet. No extra page will be provided.

9. No candidate will be allowed to leave the examination hall for any reason during the test. Candidates are allowed to leave the hall only after the Answer Sheets from all have been collected and accounted for.

10. Calculator, electronic diary, cellular phone, pager and any such electronic gadget will not be allowed in the examination hall.

11. Candidates found violating the instructions of the Test/Invigilator will be disqualified. A candidate giving assistance to any other candidate or seeking/receiving help from any source in answering questions or copying in any manner in the test will forfeit his/her chance of being considered for admission.

12. This Question paper contains 36 printed pages including pages for rough work. Please check all pages and report, if there is any discrepancy.