(Paper) IIT-JEE 2009 - Chemistry Sample Question Paper

Paper : IIT-JEE 2009 - Chemistry Sample Question Paper


1.(NH42SO4.FeSO4.6H2O is

a)Mohr’s salt    b)alum c)blue vitriol d)simple salt


2.When Cu reacts with AgNO3 solution, the reaction takes place is

a)oxidation of Cu b)reduction of Cu c)oxidation of Ag d)reduction of No3


3.MnO4on reduction in acidic medium forms

a)MnO2   b)Mn2  c)MnO42  d)Mn


4.The transition metals have a less tendency to form ions due to

a)high ionisation energy    b)low heat of hydration of ions c)high heat of sublimation   d)all of the above


5.Common oxidation state of scandium, a transition element, is/ are (Ar. no. of Sc=21)

a)+4    b)+1    c)+2 and +3 d)+4 and +1


6.Laughing gas is

a)nitrous oxide b)nitric oxide    c)nitrogen trioxide    d)nitrogen pentoxide


7.Nitrogen is essential constituent of all

a)proteins    b)fats  c)proteins and fats   d)none of these


8.Nitric acid on standing develops brownish colour which may be attributed to the presence of

a)NO2ions   b)NO3ions   c)NO2  d)HNO2


9.When a mixture of air and steam is passed over red hot coke, the outgoing gas is

a)producer gas    b)water gas  c) coal gas   d) none of these gases


10.Which one of these is acidic?

a) Al2O3   b) SnO2    c) PbO2    d) SiO2


11.An example of major air pollutant is

a) O2    b) CO2  c) CO   d) He


12.Which acts both an oxidising as well as reducing agent?

a) HNO3   b) HNO2   c) H2SO4  d) HCl


13.Nitrogen is relatively inactive element because

a) Its atom has a stable electronic configuration b) It has low atomic radius c) its electronegativity is fairly high d) dissociation energy of its molecule is fairly high


14.Incomplete combustion of petrol or diesel oil in automobile engines can be best detected by testing the fuel gases for the presence of

a) carbon monoxide and water vapour    b) carbon monoxide  c) nitrogen dioxide d) sulphur dioxide


15.Water gas is produced by

a) passing steam through a red hot coke bed b) saturating hydrogen with moisture  c)    mixing oxygen and hydrogen in the ration of 1 : 2   d) heating a mixture of CO2and CH4 in petroleum refineries


16.Three centred bond is present in

a) NH3  b) B2H6    c) BCl3 d) AlCl3


17.A gas which burnswith a blue flame is

a) CO   b) O2    c) N2    d) CO2


18.n-Propyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohols are examples of

a) position isomerism    b) chain isomerism    c) tautomerism  d) geometrical isomerism


19.Which of the following exhibit geometrical isomerism ?

a) CH2CIBr    b) CH3CH=CIBr c) CH3CHCCI2  d) (CH32CCCIBr


20.Which of the following compounds will show metamerism?

a) CH3COC3H7 b) CH3SC2H5    c) CH3OCH3 d) CH3OC2H5


21.Which of the following compounds has zero dipole moment?

a) cis-2-butene  b) trans 2-butene   c) 1-butene   d) 2-methyl1-propene


22.Tautomerism is exhibited by

a) (CH33CNO    b) (CH32NH   c) R3CNO2   d) RCH2NO2


23.The least number of carbon atoms in alkane forming optical isomer is

a)b)c)d) 7


24.The total number of possible isomeric trimethylbenzene is

a)b)c)d) 6


25.Which is the chiral molecule?

a) CH3Cl   b) CH2Cl2 c) CHBr3   d) CHClBrI


26.Which of the following molecule contains asymmetric carbon atom?



27.Which of the following is an isomer of propanal?

a) acetone    b) propane    c) propanol   d) propionic acid


28.Amongst the metals Be, Mg, Ca and Sr of group 2 of the periodic table, the least ionic chloride would be formed by

a) Mg   b) Be    c) Ca    d) Sr


29.Among the following oxides, the one which is most basic is

a) zinc oxide b) magnesium oxide  c) aluminium oxide    d) nitrogen pentoxide


30.Presence of which of the following salt increases the rate of setting of Plaster of Paris

a) NaCl b) KCl   c) BaSO4  d) CuSO4


31.Which of the following is a true peroxide

a) NO2  b) MnO2   c) BaO2    d) SO2


32.White enamel of our teeth is

a) Ca3PO42  b) CaF2    c) CaCl2   d) CaBr2


33.Identify the correct statement

a) Gypsum contains a lower percentage of calcium than Plaster of Paris b) Gypsum is obtained by heating Plaster of Paris c) Plaster of Paris can be obtained by hydration of gypsum   d) Plaster of Paris is obtained by partial oxidation of gypsum


34.Epsom salt is

a) MgSO4.7H2O    b) CaSO4.H2O  c) MgSO4.2H2O    d) BaSO4.2H2O


35.The first ionisation energies of alkaline earth metals are higher than those of the alkali metals. This is because

a) there is increase in the nuclear charge of the alkaline earth metals    b) there is decrease in the nuclear charge of the alkaline earth metals    c) there is no change in the nuclear charge d) none of the above


36.The compounds of alkaline earth metals have the following magnetic nature

a) diamagnetic  b) paramagnetic    c) ferromagnetic    d) antiferromagnetic


37.Bleaching powder is obtained by the interaction of Cl2 and

a) dry slaked lime  b) hot Ca(OH2   c) cold Ca(OH2 d) conc. CaCl2


38.Which of the following is an example of body centered cube ?

a) magnesium   b) zinc  c) copper  d) sodium


39.Crystals can be classifieds into …….. basic crystal habits

a)b)c) 14 d) 3


40.A f.c.c. crystal contains how many atoms in each unit cell?

a)b)c)d) 8


41.The intermetallic compound LiAg crystallizes in cubic lattice in which both lithium and silver have co-ordination number of eight. The crystal class is

a) simple cube  b) body centred cube    c) face centred cube d) none of the above


42.Potassium crystallizes with a

a) face centred cubic lattice   b) body centred cubic lattice  c) simple cublic lattice  d) ortho rhombic lattice


43.The ratio of close packed atoms to tetrahedral holes in cubic close packing is

a) 1 : 1  b) 1 : 2  c) 1 : 3  d) 2 : 1


44.In a hexagonal close packed (hcp) structure of spheres, the fraction of the volume occupied by the sphere is A. In a cubic close packed structure, the fraction is B. The relation for A and B is

a) A = B    b) A < B    c) A > B    d) A is equal to the fraction in a simple cubic lattice


45.The three dimensional lattice of zeolites consists of

a) Si2O76 b) SiO3n2n    c) Si2O5n2n  d) [AlSi3O8


46.Due to the Frankel defect, the density of ionic solids

a) decreases b) increases  c) does not change   d) changes


47.Which of the following metal oxides is antiferromagnetic in nature ?

a) MnO2   b) TiO2 c) NO2  d) CrO2


48.The IUPAC name of the compund CH3CHCH3CHCH2CH2CH3 is

a) 2-Ethyl -3-methylbut-1-ene  b) 2-Isopropylbut-1-ene  c) 2-Methyl-3-ethyl-3-butene  d) 2-(1-Methylethyl)but-1-ene


49.The structure formula of cyclohexyl alcohol is

a) b) c) d) none of these


50.The IUPAC name of CH3OC2H5 is

a) methyl ethyl ether  b) ehtyl methyl ether  c) methosyethane  d) ethoxymethane